Friday, May 24, 2024

Are Cat Eye Glasses Out of Style?

Eyeglasses have become one of the most common accessories nowadays, be it for fashion or prescription glasses. Yes, you read it right! You can easily look stylish with your prescription glasses with a lot of trending frames available in the market. You can look attractive and highlight and enhance your sharp features with fashionable prescription eyeglasses.

When you can carry matching heels and purses, then why not eyewear? Fashion trends of your wardrobe change with each passing day; similarly, new trends of eyeglasses emerge in the market every season. This article is for all cat-eye fans that cat eyeglasses are again back in the 2022 trending eyewear list.

History of Cat Eye

Cat-eye was first introduced in the 1930s as stylish prescription eyewear. Altina Schinasi is the name behind the creation of cat-eye prescription glasses. She had to face rejection at the initial stage, but later on, one of the opticians from New York City agreed to make it.

Later in the 1950s, many famous actresses like Marilyn Monroe started wearing these eyeglasses in their movies. However, these glasses were a bit different from the original version. Since then, cat-eye has maintained its position as one of the hottest eyewear in the market. With each passing season, there are some changes and twists in their designs. Despite all these changes, they have never been out of fashion.

Cat Eye is Trending in 2022

Cat-eye is one of the most loved and trending eyewear. Moreover, the best part is that it is versatile and suits all face shapes. Have you ever wondered how to look stylish with your decreasing eye-sight? The answer to this question is cat-eye prescription glasses.

Generally, cat eye glasses suit every face type, but different trending glasses are specially made for different face types. This eyewear helps you look more attractive and enhance your facial features.

Cat Eye for Round Face

People with round faces have difficulty selecting a perfect frame that suits their faces. Thankfully, cat-eye frames come with multiple options. An oversized frame with less rounded and narrow lenses would be a great choice for you. It will enhance your fuller jawline and chubby cheeks.

Cat Eye for Oval Face

Cat eye frames provide various options with a large variety of color options, curves, and patterns. Thick frames with thicker temples, stretched outer edges, and round lenses work well with oval face structure. You can flaunt your amazing style with these frames.

Cat Eye for Square Face

People with square faces should always contrast their face structure with rounded frames. Never choose square frames, as they will make your face look more boxed. On the other hand, rounded frames highlight your features and give you a stunning look.

Cat Eye for Diamond Face

Cat-eye glasses suit people with diamond faces. While selecting a frame, make sure that you don’t look for oversized frames. Larger frames disturb the balance of the frame and facial features, making your face look asymmetric. However, narrow frames will do wonders to highlight your cheekbone.

Cat Eye Makes You Look Younger

Cat-eye gives you a polished look and has a feminine touch that adds to your youth. Different styles of cat-eye highlight your cheekbones and the bottom area of your face creating an illusion of a lifted face. Hence, making you look younger. To complement your youth, choose a color that contrasts your skin tone. For example, black looks great with every outfit and every skin color.

Cat Eye to Enhance Your Professionalism

Women who are involved in the corporate world should opt for Retro Classic Cat eye. It suits all face types and shapes and gives you a stylish look. The retro cat-eye prescription glass will enhance your professionalism by giving you a wise look.

Styling Tips with Cat Eye Glasses

Every woman dreams of looking the best and being the center of attraction. They have a large variety of colors, patterns, and embellishments.

Choose bold colors to enhance your party look with western dresses. You can either style it with a short dress or a pair of jeans and a crop top with matching heels. Cat-eye looks better with a messy bun and light make-up that highlights your facial features. This stunning look will enhance your beauty.


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