How Much Does It Cost For A Desert Safari In Dubai?

Dubai is the popular emirate of the United Arab Emirates. You will find a mini world to explore in Dubai. There are many people who want to visit Dubai as tourists or residents. You can say that this city is a world of adventures.

It has many alluring buildings that are astonishing and the center of attention of the world. Among all other attractions, desert safari in Dubai is the great focus of attention of many tourists and residents. You can say that the Dubai trip is incomplete without a visit to a desert safari.

People love to explore the alluring sand of Dubai and they make a lot of wonderful memories there. We suggest you include a visit to Dubai deserts in your bucket list whenever you plan to visit it. When you plan a visit to any place, the first thing you consider is your budget.

It is important to plan your trip according to your budget. Plan the activities that are affordable and easy to manage. Desert safari Dubai offers you a good range of exciting and wonderful activities. 

Sometimes it’s hard to choose certain activities for you among so many attractive choices. In this case, consider your budget and choose the ones that match your budget.

Evening Desert Safari Deal

Most people visit the desert at the time of evening. The reason for visiting the desert safari in the evening is that the deserts of Dubai are usually hot at the time of the day. Evening desert safari offers many exciting activities that may attract you to choose it.

You have to pay AED 150 per person for an evening desert safari. It offers you a visit to desert safari Dubai including pick and drop services on Land Cruiser, BBQ, and dune bashing in red dunes that are big. The time of departure is 02:45. The expected time of return is 09:30.

A 4*4 car will pick you from your place of residents in Sharjah and Dubai. It will take you to Premium Red Dunes Safari after a drive of 40 minutes. You will enjoy the travel a lot in the desert that contains big red dunes. A photoshop is there in the middle of the desert.

The same car will take you to dune bashing. This tour also includes camel rides and sandboarding. There is exciting news for you if you are foody.  An International BBQ dinner is waiting for you in the desert with the options of Non-veg and Veg.

Moreover, you can enjoy many soft drinks there including tea and dates additionally. You will be excited to see a fire show there with Tanoura and Belly dance. Separate facilities of toilets are available for both females and males. 

You can take your kids to enjoy the tour if they are not above three years. People who are suffering from heart diseases and back pain are not recommended for dune bashing. 

Morning Desert Safari

Enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime trip with the chilly and simple morning wind. You will be excited to explore the desert in the early morning on a land cruiser. Breathtaking views of the early morning at desert safari are waiting for you. A driver will pick you in the early morning from a hotel.

He will take you to Lahbab on a land cruiser across alluring dunes. Experience dune bashing and several breathtaking views. Capture the wonderful moments and make memories for a lifetime. You can take a camel ride and do different exercises to relax.

The driver will pick you in a Toyota Land Cruiser from the place of your residence on this tour. Enjoy a comfortable ride in this vehicle for 45 minutes from the city to the Al Aveer desert. Now, the driver will take you to the dune bashing.

Enjoy the thrill of this activity for twenty-five to thirty minutes. A photoshop is available at the dunes if you want to capture some wonderful photographs. Drinks, juices, and water are available in the desert for refreshment. 

After this, the driver will back you to Dubai at the place of your residence. You have to pay AED 175 for this tour. Additionally, you have the option to choose quad biking for thirty minutes, camel and dune buggy ride for thirty minutes. You can also choose quad biking for one hour.