Friday, May 24, 2024

How SEO Freelancers Should Handle Their Clients?

SEO Freelancing

Many who join digital marketing courses in order to establish a career as freelancers end up learning all technical and practical aspects of the field. From SEO to SEM and social media, all these fields are covered in a typical digital marketing course.

However, practical knowledge specific to the field of digital marketing is often insufficient. Freelancers who jump straight into the industry as independent professionals have to fend of cut-throat competition at every corner.

DCA in a press room says that Another challenge freelancers in digital marketing and SEO face is managing clients. For a fresher in the field, explaining concepts of SEO and the true impact and importance of factors like content, backlinks, and keywords, to clients can be very excruciating. Since clients are the ones ultimately paying the SEO freelancer in question, managing them is an extremely important job.

Unfortunately, not many digital marketing courses and institutes offer students formal advice or module on how to handle clients and educate them about SEO. In this article, we will discuss how SEO freelancers should handle their clients and educate them on SEO.

Research Your Clients

Many freelancers tend to walk into meetings with clients depending solely on their knowledge of SEO and not studying anything about their clients.

Not only is this a misstep, but it can also be regarded as a fool’s mistake. Clients expect SEO professionals to present their case in a targeted manner. For example, an e-commerce manager expects an SEO professional to present his/her skills in a way that they match up with e-commerce marketing. In order to do business, two parties need to find common ground. This is why it is incumbent upon SEO freelancers to make sure they’re know all they can about their clients.

Explain the Importance of SEO

To make sure clients take SEO seriously, freelancers must first explain its importance to the clients in question.

Normally when freelancers explain SEO to clients, they delve into too many technicalities that do not track with clients not educated in digital marketing. A meeting with a client is not an interview. Freelancers have to refrain from trying to showcase their knowledge and instead focus on showing how their skills can specifically help the clients.

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So key points to remember while explaining the importance of SEO are –

  • Speak in a language that the clients understand. Do not use too much technical jargon
  • Take every opportunity to point out the value of SEO in a manner that the client will likely relate to
  • Always emphasize the relevance of SEO in the domain to which the client belongs

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers two ways of how SEO freelancers can educate their clients effectively and create a sound foundation for a long career.