Thursday, April 18, 2024

Making the most of your FBA Business

Buying online is the only choice left with the developed countries and despite having large retail markets, the people are giving priority to buying online to other buying choices. This lifestyle has set entry signals for more sellers to join the eCommerce retailers and sell online. The sellers are usually FBA model sellers as there are very few who are having their own storage, shipping, and customer care services. With the choice of Amazon FBA, people are now more relying on Amazon as compared to the FBM business model.

Being new in the market and having limited knowledge on how to sell efficiently is still an important question. Here are a few points which you should be considering while having an FBA business model and would also help you get the answer to questions like “will Amazon FBA still be profitable?”

Optimize your Advantage of Amazon Shipping Service

Amazon is offering special shipping programs to specific products. You should be aware of such special programs and try to get benefit from them. Most of the sellers try to get the products that fall under these services as they as cutting costs from a business which may also include the shipping and returns fees. If our product falls under the category of Amazon Special Shipping, just sign up for the service and stay enjoying it. These services are usually named Subscribe and Save, FBA Pan-EU, Small and Light, Multi-Channel Fulfilment, and Frustration-free Packaging.

Win the Buy Box

Buy box is a great opportunity to rule among the competitors who are selling the same product. You can get the Buy Box by offering high-quality products as compared to your competitors, the best service at a low average price. Once you get the Buy Box, you can even remove the bad reviews made by any of the buyers.

Best Seller Rank and Amazon’s Choice

BSR or Best Sellers Rank is defined by the products being sold each day. If you strive to sell most of the products as compared to your competitors, then this can provide you BSR badge by Amazon. Amazon’s Choice is another featured badge that is provided to a seller selling the best quality and services to its buyers.

Reimbursements by Amazon

If Amazon is unable to make an order on time or make any other mistake, then you can ask for the reimbursements and Amazon is abode to pay you the amount. The reimbursement is made against the loss you would be having due to mishandling of the shipments, cancelation on late arrivals, or damage during the storage. If the shipments are misplaced, Amazon is responsible as well to pay you back.

Never get a Product of a Brand or Amazon

In the case of Wholesale, don’t choose to sell a product that is sold by either a brand itself or Amazon. Amazon will kick you out as it cannot bear competitors. It will simply drop the price down and pool all of the buyers and you wouldn’t be making any sales. The same case is with the big brands as well.