Sunday, May 26, 2024

Protective Clothing for Trauma Cleaners

Scenarios such as violent crime or a trauma scene require a lot of time and attention. Neighbors and loved ones talk about the incident for several days and even weeks. Police officers investigates the crime for weeks or months. Due to the fact that everyone is trying to wrap their heads around the situation and its investigation, remediating the crime scene becomes less a priority. Worst part is that these unfortunate incidents takes places in residential buildings, office, business place and public spaces, just to name a few. With blood spill and bodily fluids of the victim at the crime scene, cleaning and sanitization by professionals of decomposed body cleanup should be on the priority list.

Crime scene cleaning job is beyond cleaning and sanitizing the affected area. Another important thing that needs to be put into consideration is protection against harmful pathogens that are most common with crime scenes. This is where proper PPE becomes critical for protection. Crime scene investigators, law enforcement agents, trauma cleaners and other first responders will not enter into a crime scene without the proper PPE.

This may not be a widely known fact, but crime scenes are highly infectious sites. To protect yourself from getting infected, always go with the right quality PPE. This is very important.

When dealing with the dead or a site where a death occurred, it is important to be careful. It is hard to determine the health status of the dead or the infection they had while alive. You stand a high chance of getting infected when you come in contact with the remains of the dead body.

Know this, trauma scenes are a playground for all kinds of biohazards including blood borne pathogens and harmful diseases such as Hepatitis, HIV, Tuberculosis, MRSA and Cholera. It is thus important that trauma cleaners – experts who specialize in the cleaning and disinfecting of a crime scene – have all the protection they can get for biohazard cleanup.

How to Protect Yourself From Infectious Diseases

The primary responsibility of trauma cleaners is to clean, and sanitize the residual remains found at a crime scene and collect the waste in a durable, tightly sealed disposable bag and dispose of them in accordance with local and federal rules and regulations. Handling these remains will always be risky without the right protective features. Blood, bodily fluids and tissues carry diseases and infections that puts anyone who comes in contact with it at risk of infections.  Therefore, trauma scene cleaners come prepared to a trauma scene cleanup job by wearing protective clothing and other PPE. With this, safety and protection from infectious diseases is guaranteed. The risk of exposure to blood, viruses and bodily tissue is ruled out.

When it comes to adequate protection from harmful pathogens, protecting the full body with disposable protective apparel comes first. No part of the body should be exposed. The right protective clothing covers the head including both ears all the way down to the wrists and ankles. The next most important protective clothing is the protective shoe covers. These are worn over shoes to prevent the spread of contamination to other parts. Next up is a pair of disposable hand gloves, followed by face masks.

Make sure you have the right PPE to prevent the spread of disease.