The Watlow LF Series Temperature Controllers

Watlow temperature controls have been a long-standing industry standard when it comes to temperature change information as well as temperature-related process controls. And, with each round of development, Watlow controller models have integrated new changes and features to perform even better than earlier models. That said, the demands of clients have changed over the years, especially in the area of footprint size as well as capability versus physical design and even budget expense.

Rather than simply telling clients to take it or leave it, Watlow has instead accommodated these new requirements in its LF Series controllers, producing lines of temperature management tools that work better in all facets, not just temperature-sensing alone.

Getting the Job Done Efficiently

Watlow packs a lot in a small package. With the benefit of microprocessor design, their temperature limit controllers easily handle and manage critical temperature range parameters 24/7. The results are system processes that never go out of range without being responded to, and the controllers themselves can be tailored to different applications.

The LF Series of Watlow temperature controllers easily provide an all-around package for facility managers who want a small footprint but maximum flexibility in application. That includes three different options for mounting depending on the configuration of hardware spaces (panel mounting, open board or DIN-rail mounting).

High-Quality Industrial Design Ratings

Like the rest of the Watlow family of controller products, the LF Series comes with different interface options as well. They can be selected with a provided user interface as well as without so that settings are only managed through connected settings. Point values are set by the customer, not a generic range that one has to fit processes into, and all of the LF series meet UL industry standard approval with open board style setups. The models come with full-service support from Watlow as well as a three-year warranty on parts and function. It’s a protection system that Watlow backs up with its own name and customer service.

Durability Qualities for Industrial Usage

Unlike discount brands that might save pricing up front but fail under industrial application conditions, Watlow LF controllers are thoroughly tested and rated to an environment ranging from freezing to almost water boiling (32 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit / 0 to 70 degrees Celsius). Running on a maximum output of 8A, the LF Series takes very little power load to operate, and for that it produces an exponential value in process management.

Access the LF Series Through Seagate Controls

As an authorized dealer for the full range of Watlow temperature controllers, Seagate Controls gives customers direct access to Watlow products, support, design configuration, installation help, troubleshooting, training and after-acquisition support as well. Unlike many other providers who are almost 99 percent focused on just selling units alone and no more, our Watlow-Seagate Controls partnership seeks a long-term relationship with our customers as well as making sure everything works up front and continues to do so well after the purchase and installation are completed.

While there are other options available, both through which to find Watlow temperature controllers like the LF Series as well as other substitutes in general, we believe our ongoing support strategy goes much farther for customers in terms of delivering value, both in terms of product and customer help using, upgrading, applying and understanding the full potential of the LF Series controller. And, while we won’t promise everything will always be perfect, our specialist team will do its darndest to get close to that target with every Watlow order.