Monday, June 24, 2024

Valley of flowers- Why you should visit the exquisite place once in a lifetime?

We all love traveling, don’t we? But it is always amazing to visit a place which is located in the lap of nature and that provides you with the calmness that you have been long looking for.

Traveling gets better when you can spend at an aura rich place. You can get the experience of a lifetime by traveling to a nature-rich place.

So have you traveled to the Himalayas or are you planning to take a trip to the same place? If yes then with us you can make a choice you would remember for a lifetime. We are here talking of a valley that is not only connected and close to nature but is a place beaming with colors and connectivity. Read below to know more.

If you are looking for an exquisite and amazing spot that is located calmly in the West Himalayan region then the valley of flowers (also known as Phoolan ki Ghati) is the choice to make. Situated in the region of Uttarakhand this covers a wide area and is set with the magnificent Himalayan ranges at the back. This is the place that matches paradise and is rightly referred to as the paradise on the earth.

The valley is nature’s bouquet which delivers lush meadows that buds with endemic alpine flowers. It is recommended to include this in the Uttarakhand package. Apart from the valley, there is the Pushpawati river, cliffs, glaciers and amazing views.

Who should visit the place?

If you like photography, trekking, walks then this place would lure you. This place has rich and diversified flora and it is the home to certain endangered species. Below is everything you must know about the place.

What are the things you can do?

The things you can do there are-

  1. Trekking- This place is an amazing place for trekking as well as mountaineering. This trail encompasses fascinating views of waterfalls, forests and much more.
  2. Pilgrimage- Located at 4329 meters the Sri Hemkund Sahib Gurudwara is the pilgrimage center you should visit. It is a sacred temple in the Himalayas admired by the Sikh community. It is a calm, serene and amazing spot for pilgrims and tourists from around the globe. This place holds amazing significance for Hindu followers.
  3. Strolling the village- The Ghangaria is the last habitation center and is covered in snow mostly. It is an amazing place for hiking, walks or witnessing nature and wilderness.
  4.  Witnessing Exotic Flowers- The valley of flowers is hidden and will make you fall in love with exquisiteness and nature. In the valley, you could find a range of flower species and these would make you feel elated. Because of the diversity that is there this site has been mentioned as the centre of plant diversity.
  5. Watch the birds in delight- If you are amongst those who are interested in bird watching then the valley of flowers would be a delight. There is a range of exotic birds and other types of birds.

So what is the best time to visit the valley?

The valley is accessible between June-October and should be visited between July and Mid August when it is blooming best. You can find exquisite flowers during June, magical sites are witnessed during July, and blooming is brilliant till the middle of August.

The valley is a delight to the eyes and is something that should be witnessed once in a lifetime.

The valley of flowers national park is an amazing place to visit and must be a part of your plan. The exquisite valley of flowers in Uttarakhand is the right choice to make especially if you are looking for a connection with nature and its beautiful providings.